One Piece Reveals a Terrible Fate for Sabo

One Piece teased a terrible fate for Sabo within the newest episode! One Piece officially brought the Wano Country’s second act to an end back in 2020, but the primary new episode of the year didn’t jump right back to the arc for the third act. Instead, fans need to see an update on how the remainder of the planet is faring outside of Wano. Following abreast of the brief Reverie mini-arc that happened before the events of the Wano Country arc, it’s revealed that the planet Government’s various leaders made some big changes to the facility system.

But those weren’t the sole major reveals shaking up the remainder of the seas together pertained to what was actually happening in Mariejois during the Reverie meeting itself. Because while Sabo and a couple of of the Revolutionary Army’s commanders were sneaking around for undisclosed reasons, it appears that something terrible went on to Sabo consistent with an update within the newest episode.

Episode 957 of the series sees Morgans break down many of the huge shifts within the world from the Reverie meeting, and he reveals that “someone” has died during it. While it’s n’t explicitly said who it is, subsequent few clues seem to tie this tease to Sabo as not only is Morgans seen saying this to an image of Sabo himself (to better lay out the front page news), but the reactions to the news make things even more damning for Sabo.

Not only are the members of the Revolution Army seen crying over whatever this news for Sabo is, Stelly is reacting during a shocked manner thereto also . Taking this news in a good darker direction are Makino and Dadan’s reactions back in Foosha Village, as they’re both crying over what happened to Sabo. as long as Sabo’s death has been faked out before, it isn’t likely that he indeed died but it alright could have happened given the twists and turns during this series.

But if it isn’t Sabo’s death the series is teasing, what quite darker fate could there potentially be that gets all of those characters crying like this?

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