One Piece Makes some change in the Seven Warlords System

One Piece made a serious change to the Seven Warlords system within the newest episode of the series! One Piece brought Wano Country’s second act to an in depth with the ultimate episode of 2020, and therefore the first new episode of the year brought the anime to a replacement era. But before the third act of the Wano arc can officially begin, the anime has decided to require a brief break and update fans on the state of the planet outside of the closed off country. And this update began with a serious shake up to the planet powers.

Episode 957 of the anime revisits the Reverie mini-arc that happened before the events of Wano. It saw representatives of the planet Government’s various kingdoms gathering together to form decisions about the planet at large, and one among the large decisions that they had come to was revealed to be that the govt had dissolved the Seven Warlords system — upsetting the balance of the three world powers.

The episode sees the remainder of the planet reacting to the news after the Reverie meeting, and it’s revealed that King Nefertari from Alabasta and King Riku of Dressrosa had pitched the dissolving of the Seven Warlords considering how badly their respective kingdoms had been ruined because of the powers granted to Crocodile and Doflamingo. This was the smallest amount of the Warlords’ troubles, so those at the Reverie agreed to urge obviate the system.

With the fallout of the system, the episode also saw the Marines declaring war of the remainder of the remaining warlords still call at the seas. With brief re-introductions to the likes of Buggy, Mihawk and Boa Hancock, it’s revealed that the Marines aren’t getting to plan to arrest the Warlords now that they’re not protected by the govt . But the respective warlords aren’t scared of this move either as they’re getting to fight back.

With the Seven Warlords System dissolved, it is also revealed that now there’s an imbalance between the planet powers. This leaves only the planet Government and therefore the Four Emperors of the ocean live , and thus launches the remainder of the ocean into a battle for power. This presumably are going to be one among the large issues wanting to resolved once Luffy and therefore the others make their way out of Wano.

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