Naruto Cliffhanger Sets Up Boruto’s Scientific Ninja Tool Comeback

Boruto’s gearing up for a scientific ninja tool fueled comeback with Boruto: Naruto Next Generations‘ newest episode! The Vessel arc of the anime continues to further its intrigue as Boruto and Team 7 made their way to the site of the wrecked airship. With Konohamaru and Mugino out of commission, things got even worse for them when they realized that Ao was an assassin sent to clear out the area on behalf of Kara. They quickly realized how out of their depth they were with Ao’s arsenal of technological weapons and upgrades to his body.

With the previous episode of the series dealing them a major blow with Mugino’s death at the hands of Ao’s sneaky tech weapons, Boruto’s thinking of incorporating some of their own tech weapons in the coming counterattack plan against Ao. From his previous distaste for the tools, it seems now he’s going to place a lot of faith in them in order to take down the upgraded Ao.

Episode 185 of the series sees Boruto’s scientific ninja tool and the rest of Team 7 successfully escape from Ao, and are hiding out until they can recover and form a suitable plan to take on Ao. They figure out that now that Ao has Katasuke’s chakra absorbing gauntlet (the same technology he used to make Naruto’s new arm), this will actually create an opening for them to counterattack as he needs time to create the sphere before absorbing the next attack.

Using this knowledge, Boruto prepares himself to use the other gauntlet for the counterattack. This won’t be the only tool in his arsenal, however, as he also plans to use the new chakra lightsaber he picked up from Katasuke’s lab. It’s clear that it still drains his chakra at a high rate, so he’s aware that it’s pretty much going to be a gambit he’s only going to be able to gamble on once.

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