My Hero Academia Teases Unexpected Mirko Tag Team

My Hero Academia’s Vigilantes spin-off has been diving into a new flashback detailing Knuckleduster’s past as a hero, and the newest cliffhanger for the series teases an unexpected tag team featuring the fan favorite hero Mirko. One of the biggest strengths of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is when it takes advantage of being set years before the original series by incorporating younger versions of heroes we meet in the main series. Not only does it give these fan favorites more time in the action, but it’s resulted in some interesting new mix ups that might never happen in the main series.

The newest chapter of the My Hero Academia series is a great example of this as it continues a hero school age Mirko continuing to tear through an underground fighting ring that she broke her way into. But when a sudden fog emerges and starts sapping people’s quirks, the cliffhanger teases the tag team of the young hero, Knuckleduster (back when he was still O’Clock), and even Rappa before he becomes one of the Shie Hassaikai’s Eight Bullets.

Chapter 89 of the series picks up with the young Mirko taking on all challengers within an illegal fighting ring. As teased by the previous chapter, it seems All For One took notice of all the powerful quirks going off in a single place. Soon a mysterious gas starts to funnel in that forcibly activates a stronger version of everyone’s quirks. In the middle of this chaos is a black fog that starts to steal the quirks of those rampaging from the gas.

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Knuckleduster uses his super speed quirk to save Mirko before she’s hit by this black smog, and he then asks both Mirko and Rappa to help him. Revealing to them that he’s actually a pro hero who had gone undercover, he asks for their help to escape the underground area and get to the police. But as we know Knuckleduster lost his quirk to All For One, things aren’t going to go as smoothly as planned.


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