My Hero Academia Revisits Young All Might in Latest Scene

My Hero Academia has plenty of experience working with All Might, and fans will never say no to visiting the hero. Time and again, the Symbol of Peace wowed fans in battle and at UA Academy during his classes with Izuku. Still, there is more to the hero than fans know, and much of those events went down during All Might’s prime. And thanks to a special update, fans were able to check in on the hero back then!

The ordeal came to light thanks to My Hero Academia: Vigilantes chapter 92. The update checked in on All Might as a young hero during his most active days as a pro. The chapter begins with All Might returning to his home-slash-agency after a day of battling. But when he gets ready for bed, more trouble rears its head.

my hero academia young all might

As you can see in the chapter, All Might looks young here as he grapples with maintaining his buff form even then. It doesn’t appear his injury has been sustained yet, but All For One must be close to dishing it. After all, the baddie is at work in this chapter, and he is eager to see All Might fight once more.

Before all of this goes down, My Hero Academia fans are treated to a look at All Might at home, and the young man is eager to sleep after working for 72 hours straight. He is reminded to rest by Sir Nighteye when he comes home, and his then-sidekick is taking care of All Might’s administrative tasks. Being the Number One hero requires a lot of paperwork, and Sir Nighteye is more than capable of defeating the issue. But when All Might is called to Osaka, not even his sidekick can stop him. Honestly, no one could after All Might has been called out to!

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