Dragon Ball Super Reveals the Harsh Downside of Divine Power

Dragon Ball Super’s newest chapter explored the harsh downside of divine power. When godly ki was first introduced to the franchise with Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, it unlocked a whole new realm of power fights for Goku and the other Z Fighters. But as we have seen with the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc especially, Goku has seemingly reached the next level of fights now that he has officially unlocked divine power for himself. But at the same time, the arc has also showcased some of the harsh downsides of divine energy for the mortal realm.

The newest chapter of the series puts an end to the fight with Moro, but one of the only reasons the fight got to the extent it had was because Moro absorbed divine power within himself before his body could handle it. As we see in Chapter 66 of the series, a body that cannot handle divine energy power will devolve into Moro’s disgusting final state as he lost his sanity and sense of self.

The newest chapter of the series revealed how Moro continued to devolve from his first incarnation thanks to his ballooning divine power. Not only did he need to fuse with the Earth to keep himself alive, but as he grows in this power he loses his sanity. Seeing divine power harm a mortal like this calls back to when Goku tapped into it for himself for the first time during the Tournament of Power.

When he reached Ultra Instinct’s full form during the tournament, his body experienced some major pain and it was a sign that mortals struggle with this divine energy. It’s why Goku had trained so hard to get to this new level in the first place because it’s like Goku had to adjust his body to this power. Moro getting so much of this power at once demonstrates a terrible path that Goku avoided with his training.

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