Boruto : Promo Teases the Start of the Vessel Arc

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations‘ next episode promo teases the official beginning of the anime’s Vessel arc. like many fans had expected, In Jump Ferta 2021, it was confirmed during a special presentation that the anime was finally going to bring Kawaki and the remaining members into the anime soon. This would also mean a return to materials from the original manga release of the series, so fans have been really looking forward to this next era of the anime. This next era is about to start later this month. 

While Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is currently on a holiday break, the anime will be making its return on January 10th with Episode 181 of the series. Titled “The Vessel,” this will be the official start of the Kawaki saga in the anime and the promo for the episode teases that we’ll be seeing him in action pretty soon. Check it out below:

The anime has set the stage for the Vessel arc with the last few episodes as not only have we seen important characters like Ao make an appearance, but a couple of members of Kara have shown their faces in previous episodes also . There has also been mention of the titular “vessel” of the arc, so after all of this teasing the series will finally be showing more of who this vessel really is.

The Vessel arc will begin an entire new era for the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime, which means it’ll also debut a fresh opening and ending theme sequence. It was previously confirmed that the new opening are going to be titled “Baku” as performed by Ikimono-gatari, and therefore the new ending are going to be titled “Answers” as performed by Mol-74. There will even be plenty of new allies and foes coming also , so even more intrigue are going to be surrounding the anime’s combat the Kawaki saga.

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