Boruto Cliffhanger Sets Up Kawaki’s Big Debut

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is setting up for Kawaki’s big debut in the anime with an ominous cliffhanger! The Vessel arc continues in the anime with the newest episode of the series as Boruto and the rest of Team 7 have been tasked with finding out why Konohamaru and Mugino had not contacted the Hidden Leaf Village since they went to investigate the fallen airship. With the Kara saga now in full swing, each new episode makes it that much closer to Kawaki’s big debut in the anime as Team 7 readies to meet the titular vessel of the arc.

Although he doesn’t factor into the meat of the actual episode, Episode 184 of the series begins with an ominous look at Kawaki standing over the horizon. With the empty vessel container spotted on the airship and the various puppets there to recapture and or protect him, it’s clear that Kawaki is around the area where Boruto and the others are currently combating Ao.

Episode 184 of the series continues the anime’s adaptation of the Ao arc. Following an intense first meeting between he and Boruto in a previous episode, he has arrived as Kara’s assassin to clear out those who might be seeking out the vessel and retrieve it. Even with Mugino’s death buying time for the others, the fight against Ao continues as he had just barely bought anytime at all. Ao’s onslaught of scientific ninja tools continues as he reveals more of the weapons in his body.

What makes matters even tougher is that we’re all aware that Kawaki’s still lingering somewhere out there as Boruto and the others do not. While the anime has been adapting the manga’s material in a new way, there’s a good chance that Kawaki’s debut is just on the horizon as it will likely line up with how it worked out in the original release. Regardless of when it happens, however, Kawaki’s going to shake the anime up big time.

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