Black Clover Promo Hypes Yami vs. Dante

Black Clover’s newest promo is hyping the fight between Yami vs. Dante! Black Clover‘s anime might be coming to an end fairly soon, but you would not be able to tell that by the action as it’s just starting to ramp up. Now that Zenon has successfully defeated the Golden Dawn and kidnapped their captain, the other two members of the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad have made their moves. While Vanica turned her attention to Lolopechka and the Heart Kingdom, the newest episode of the anime saw Dante making his way to the Black Bulls’ home base.

Episode 162 of the series saw Dante attacking the Black Bulls’ home base in search of Captain Yami specifically, but Yami wasn’t around so Asta, Gauche, Vanessa, Grey, and Henry had to fight as best as they could. But it’s clear that Asta is struggling to keep up with Dante’s devil power, so thankfully it seems that Yami will be arriving in the next episode and fight against Dante himself according to the preview:

One of the major teases left to explore from the opening theme sequence is Yami and Dante’s fight, so after seeing the cliffhanger in which Dante was about to get serious for the first time, Yami’s going to be showing up in just the right time. Asta had to use a berserk version of his Devil transformation in order to do any kind of damage, so Yami’s showing up to potentially save the day is good news for the Black Bulls.

Episode 163 is titled “Dante VS The Captain of the Black Bulls,” and like its title suggests Yami will be testing his dark magic against Dante’s devil power. But one crucial clue for anime fans has been the fact that Dante came there specifically to test Yami’s Arcane Stage magic. This plays a role through the fight, and will likely play out in the anime just as it did in Yuki Tabata’s original manga series.

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