Black Clover Drops New ‘Spade Kingdom’ Arc Episode Summaries

Black Clover is back with a replacement new arc, and fans are expecting this story to unfold for a few time now. At last, the Spade Kingdom arc has moved forward, and it promises to be one among the show’s best yet. Now, some new information about the arc has gone live, and fans have learned what a number of its first episodes decide to do.

Recently, Black Clover went accept a slew of episode synopses for its new arc. it had been there fans were told what is going to be taking place in episodes 160 – 162. because it seems , the Spade Kingdom is prepared to build up its aggression, in order that means Asta and his comrades are going to be gearing up to retaliate.

You can find the Black Clover episode titles and summaries down below, courtesy of BCspoiler:

“The Messenger of the Spade Kingdom” – Asta and Yuno were abandoned as babies ahead of a church within the village of the Age at the board of the Clover Kingdom. the key of Yuno’s birth is revealed. Meanwhile, the HQ of the Golden Dawn is under fire by the wizards of the Spade kingdom who suddenly appeared within the absence of their vice captain, Yuno… The Golden Dawn, which is meant to be the strongest within the Clover Kingdom, is being hunted down.

“The Power of Zeno” – The Golden Dawn in is in peril , and Yuno rushes to assist . However, their HQ has been destroyed and lots of of their members were lying during a state of death. Yuno is furious at things … Additionally, Zenon Zogratis, aa wizard from Spade Kingdom and a part of the Dark Triad who possess the facility of a high-level demon, appears.

“The World War I Breaks Out” – While spending time within the Heart Kingdom, Asta decides to return to the hideout of the Black Bull. Suddenly, one among the three Dark Triads – Dante Zogratis – appears and attacks.

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