Attack on Titan : Season 4 Countdown with Special Sketch

Attack on Titan has kicked off the countdown to Season 4’s big premiere with a new sketch. The fourth and final season of the series will be premiering in just a matter of days, and fans have begun to celebrate the anime finally ushering in the final arc of the series. It’s a big occasion for new studio behind the anime, MAPPA, as well as they will be taking over the series for its highly anticipated final entry. With the countdown to the final season’s big premiere now underway, even the series itself is getting in on the hype!

The official Twitter account for Attack on Titan’s final season has officially kicked off the countdown for its upcoming premiere on December 7th in Japan. With the series now seven days from its premiere, animation director Manabu Akita has shared a new sketch featuring some of the new faces and characters fans will be introduced with the final arc of the series. Check it out:

Although WIT Studio handled the third seasons prior, Studio MAPPA has taken the reigns for the anime’s fourth and final outing. Reports over the year of the final season’s development has had fans worried about how the final season is taking shape with the new studio, and it didn’t help matters when fans realized that the trailer released several months ago would be the only sneak peek into the new episodes.

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